Chapter Visit to the Wheels Museum

Photo of the Wheels Museum

The New Mexico Chapter of the BMW CCA visited the Wheels Museum on Saturday, September 18, 2021. The Wheels Museum is located on the site of the historic Santa Fe Railroad Shops in downtown Albuquerque. After mingling outside in the parking area, attendees got to wander at will through the museum. The collections there embrace the history of the Santa Fe Railroad and the impact of the rail yards on Albuquerque, as well as automobiles and other modes of transportation – pretty much anything that’s got wheels. Items viewed included model trains, railroad artifacts, classic tractors, motorcycles, and other vehicles donated to the museum. Also, a replica of a full-sized 1880’s railcar interior is under construction for use in an upcoming movie production.

Following our visit to the many exhibits, Wheels Museum founder and President Leba Freed, addressed the group. We learned about the museum as well as the fascinating history of the Santa Fe Railway Shops in Albuquerque and the nearby Barales and East San Jose neighborhoods, where many railroad workers lived.

Pizza was provided following the presentation. Many thanks to Tourmeister Jim Levandoski for making the arrangements for the visit!

Photos by Phil Undercuffler