November 2023 NM Chapter Tech Session Hans Wittler’s Automotive

Photo of Tech Session

The BMW Car Club of America New Mexico Chapter organized a successful and informative technical session on Thursday evening, November 9, 2023 at Hans Wittler’s Automotive Northside in Albuquerque. Andreas Wittler led the session, discussing the use of the factory ISTA software for diagnosing and repairing BMWs and presenting actual examples of its use. He also elaborated on the distinctions between licensed and free versions of the software. This presentation was made accessible through live streaming on the NM Chapter’s public Facebook Page for those who couldn’t attend in person. Watch the video.

Furthermore, Andreas contributed a BMW key and programming as a door prize, which was won by Chapter Member Jim Price, adding a fun and exciting element to the event.

The initiative, arranged by NM BMW CCA Board Member Gregg Mich, included the provision of pizza by the NM Chapter and beverages courtesy of Hans Wittler’s Automotive. Attendees had the opportunity to network, enjoy pizza, and explore the multi-marque shop during the gathering.

The chapter extends gratitude to Andreas Wittler for delivering an outstanding program and for hosting the event, as well as appreciation to all who participated, contributing to the event’s success.